Our Beers

1. Oscar the Rauchbier - 5.6%, 24 SRM 40 IBU

The smoke is strong with this beer, German smoked ale brewed with 60% cherry smoked malt. To keep it German, we used Munich malt, Hallertau Magnum hops. A pint of Oscar will leave you in a good, not grouchy mood.

2. Johnny's Apple Ale - 6.6%, 5 SRM 11 IBU

Comes off as a pleasant tasting cider, but it is actually a juice/grain hybrid, featuring Michigan McIntosh apples and American pale malt.

3. Easy - Golden Ale - 7.2%, 6 SRM 26 IBU

Your palate will not be challenged with this beer. The hops are light and smooth. Easy to drink, easy to enjoy.

4. Blueberry Queen - Grape/grain hybrid beer with blueberries - 10%, 5 (blue) SRM 18 IBU

Blending grape juice and malt is one of Earnest's most creative styles. The beer comes off as not a beer and not a wine, it is satisfying. Sauvignon Blanc grape guice and German Pilsen malt were fermented as the base for this beer. Blueberry puree was added and the result is fit for a queen.

5. Big Oatis - Double Oatmeal Stout - 7.3%, 40 SRM 50 IBU

Double the normal amount of oats gives this beer and incredible smoothness. Make Big Oatis your liquid wing man. He will not let you down.

6. New Sincerity - West Coast IPA - 6.9%, 9 SRM 61 IBU

West Coast IPAs focus on hops. Citrus and floral hops nose, lighter body with a most pleasant taste. Sip after sip, New Sincerity delivers.

7. Earnest Oktoberfest - 5.9%, 10 SRM 33 IBU

Traditional German Lager. Deep orange in color, light malt on the front end and a clean finish describes this lager well.

8. AM/PM - Blonde Coffee Ale - 6.3%, 4 SRM 26 IBU

Custom, light roasted coffee from Actual Coffee was used in this blonde ale. Don’t be fooled by the color, there is plenty of coffee in this beer.

9. Honeybuzz - DIPA - 9.1%, 10 SRM 88 IBU

Honey forward, not as hoppy as other DIPAs. Brewed with 70 pounds of honey from the Yarnell Family Farm, located along the scenic banks of the Maumee River.

10. Crunchy Hippy - Granola Brown Ale - 6.2%, 21 SRM 40 IBU

Brewed with oats, wheat, brown sugar, honey, sunflower/flax/chia/hemp seeds, raisins and cherries. Drinks like a liquid granola bar.

11. Evil Ernie - Imperial Stout - 11.2%, 45 SRM 88 IBU

Our biggest beer pours dark with and off-white head. The flavor is a rich combination of roasted barley, chocolate, dates, and a hint of black licorice.

12. Harvest IPA - 6.3%, 12 SRM 87 IBU

Columbus hops were picked, delivered from Ottawa, OH and we brewed with them, fresh, no processing. As far as IPA’s go, the fresh hop lent to a smooth bitterness, not harsh and just what you would expect from a rural Ohio hop.

13. Prostwood - 8.4%, 5 SRM 45 IBU

Double Kölsch, conditioned on wood chips. Prost is the German word for Cheers! EBW added a bit more kick to the standard Kölsch and conditioned it on wood chips for smoothness. This beer can be enjoyed with old or new friends. Lift your glass and Prost!

14. Beer Pressure - Juicy IPA - 6.8%, 4 (cloudy) SRM 48 (juicy) IBU

New Encland style IPA is the hottest beer style and EBW was pressured to brew one. Beer Pressure pours cloudy, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel via the oats aded to the mash. Our mission statement is to brew beers for our community's enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy.

15. O'Zapft Is - German Dunkel - 5.3%, 19 SRM 22 IBU

The term O’Zapft Is, translates to It’s Tapped! It is tradition to announce O’Zapft Is in a German Beer Garden when a new keg is tapped. Feel free to let the taproom know when a liter is poured by announcing O’Zapft Is! This dark lager has loads of malt flavor, without coming off as too rich or roasty.