Our Beers

1. Before the Sun - Imperial Coffee Stout - 9.3%, 41 SRM 81 IBU

Rich body, slight chocolate on the backend.

2. Blueberry Queen - 10%, 5 SRM 18 IBU

Blending grape juice and malt is one of Earnest's most creative techniques. The beer comes off as neither beer nor wine, but is satisfying. Sauvignon Blanc grape juice and German Pilsner malt were fermented as the base for this beer. Blueberry was added to make a beer fit for a queen

3. Easy - Golden Ale - 5.2%, 6 SRM 26 IBU

Your palate will not be challenged with this beer. Pours pale yellow, with very slight hop aroma and flavor, finishes very clean. So clean, that you may just think this ale is a lager. Easy to drink, easy to enjoy.

4. Raspberry Cream Summer Wheat - 5.6%, 4 SRM 24 IBU

The raspberry aroma is welcoming, and the smoothness from the oats perfectly matches the expectation of refreshment.

5. Tropical Getaway IPA - Tropical Hazy IPA - 6.4%, 3 SRM 43 IBU

added fruit (pineapple, mango an dpassion fruit) to a hazy IPA. With Citra, Idaho 7 and Southern Passion hops

6. New Sincerity - West Coast IPA - 6.9%, 9 SRM 61 IBU

West Coast IPAs focus on hops. Citrus and floral hops nose, lighter body with a most pleasant taste. Sip after sip, New Sincerity delivers.

7. London Calling - US/ENG IPA - 5.8%, 8 SRM 54 IBU

a Clash of US and Brittish IPA Styles. Brewed with malt, hops and yeast from each great IPA naiton. The hop nose is all American Simcoe and hte alcohol was kept low, as the Brittish perfer.

8. Peanut Butter Crunchy Hippie - 6.2%, 21 SRM 40 IBU

Peanut Butter was added to a Crunchy Hippie, balanced roast notes with a clean finish

9. Honeybuzz - Honey Forward Double IPA - 9.1%, 10 SRM 88 IBU

Not as bitter/hoppy as other DIPA’s. Pours deep yellow/honey color with a white head, with distinct honey sweetness in the aroma. The flavor delivers exactly what you expect. Brewed honey sourced from lovely Henry County, home of Scott Yarnell, EBW brewer.

10. Killerney - Irish Red Cream Ale - 5.3%, 14 SRM 27 IBU

this is the beer that made the village of Killerney famous. Deep red color, stron gody and low on hops.

11. Wake & Bake Crunchy Hippie - Coffee and Maple Syrup - 6.2%, 21 SRM 40 IBU

Granola brown ale with coffee and maple syrup.

12. Worker's Porter - 6.1%, 27 SRM 40 IBU

this porter was designed for smooth enjoyment. A clean fermenting yeast allows the slight roast from the malt to be detected.

13. Crunchy Hippie - Granola Brown Ale - 6.2%, 21 SRM 40 IBU

This beer was developed name first, what is a Crunchy Hippie beer? After some thought, the idea of liquid granola was used to come up with the recipe. Brewed with oats, wheat, brown sugar, honey, sunflower/chia/hemp seed, raisins and cherries.

14. Between the Limes - Sour Lime IPA - 7.2%, 4 SRM 40 IBU

This tart/sour lime IPA is just what you need. Featuring Citra, Mosaic and Motueka hops. Read between the Limes, this is an outstanding beer.

15. Big Oatis - Double Oatmeal Stout - 7.3%, 40 SRM 50 IBU

double the normal amount of oats give this beer an incredible smoothness. Make Big Oatis your liquid wing man, he will not let you down.

16. O'Byrne's - Dry Irish Stout - 4%, 38 SRM 28 IBU

a traditional Irish Stout. These stouts finish dry, as opposed to a sweet stout or a milk stout.

17. Fat Bastard - Wee Heavy Scottish Ale - 9.6%, 21 SRM 25 IBU

a fat bastard of an ale

18. AM/PM - Blonde Coffee Beer - 6.3%, 4 SRM 26 IBU

Custome, light roasted coffee from Actual Coffee Co. was used in this blonde ale. Don't be fooled by the color, there is plenty of coffee in this beer. Enjoy it in the AM or PM.