Our Beers

1. Oktoberfest - Traditional German Lager - 5.9%, 10 SRM 33 IBU

Deep in orange color, light malt on the front end and a clean finish describes this lager well.

2. Lucky Cat - Grape/Grain Hybrid Beer - 9.6%, 6 SRM 19 IBU

Blending grape juice and malt is one of Earnest's most creative techniques. The beer comes off as neither beer nor wine, but is satisfying. Muscat grape juice and German Pilsner malt were fermented as the base for this beer.

3. Easy - Golden Ale - 5.2%, 6 SRM 26 IBU

Your palate will not be challenged with this beer. Pours pale yellow, with very slight hop aroma and flavor, finishes very clean. So clean, that you may just think this ale is a lager. Easy to drink, easy to enjoy.

4. My Tart Will Go On - 7.4%, 6 SRM 12 IBU

apricot tart/sour ale.

5. Before the Sun - 9.3%, 41 SRM 81 IBU

Imperial Coffee Stout.

6. New Sincerity - West Coast IPA - 6.9%, 9 SRM 61 IBU

West Coast IPAs focus on hops. Citrus and floral hops nose, lighter body with a most pleasant taste. Sip after sip, New Sincerity delivers.

7. Earnest Bock - 5.8%, 15 SRM 37 IBU

dark lager. German style Bock, with a ligher body.

8. Peanut Butter Worker's Porter - 6.1%, 27 SRM 40 IBU

Peanut Butter was added to a American Porter, balanced roast notes with a clean finish

9. Honeybuzz - Honey Forward Double IPA - 9.1%, 10 SRM 88 IBU

Not as bitter/hoppy as other DIPA’s. Pours deep yellow/honey color with a white head, with distinct honey sweetness in the aroma. The flavor delivers exactly what you expect. Brewed honey sourced from lovely Henry County, home of Scott Yarnell, EBW brewer.

10. Tropical Getaway IPA - Tropical Hazy IPA - 6.4%, 3 SRM 43 IBU

hazy IPA with mango, pineapple an dpassion fruit. Citra, Idaho 7 and Sounthern Passion hops

11. Big Oatis - Double Oatmeal Stout - 7.3%, 40 SRM 50 IBU

double the normal amount of oats were added to this stout to give it an incredible smoothness.

12. O'Byrne's Dry Irish Stout - Traditional Irish Dry Stout - 4%, 38 SRM 28 IBU

This stout finishs dry, as opposed to a sweet stout or milk stout. This is one dark beer that is not heavy and at an irish 4%, you will be able to enjoy a pint or three.

13. Crunchy Hippie - Granola Brown Ale - 6.2%, 21 SRM 40 IBU

This beer was developed name first, what is a Crunchy Hippie beer? After some thought, the idea of liquid granola was used to come up with the recipe. Brewed with oats, wheat, brown sugar, honey, sunflower/chia/hemp seed, raisins and cherries.

14. Fat Bastard - Wee Heavy Scottish Ale - 9.7%, 4 SRM 25 IBU

The longer than normal boil, creates a complex carmelization of the wort, that comes off as sweet, but not too sweet.

15. The Spice is Right - Blonde Spiced Winter Ale - 7.3%, 40 SRM 50 IBU

Some winter beers have way too much too much spice, some have too little spice. EBW brewed The Spice is Right, as you guessed it, with the right amount of spice. Pours nice and blonde with a spice mix of cinnamon, ginger and clove

16. London Calling - A clash of US and British IPA Syles - 5.8%, 8 SRM 54 IBU

Brewed with malt, hops and yeast from each great IPA nation. The hop nose is all American Simcoe and the alcohol was kept low, as the British prefer.

17. JPA - Japanese Pale Ale - 7.2%, 6 SRM 66 IBU

The Japanese version of an IPA. Brewed with Sorachi Ace hops, with rice added to lighten the body.

18. Beer Pressure - New England Hazy IPA - 6.8%, 4 SRM 48 IBU

New Encland style IPA is the hottest beer style and EBW was pressured to brew one. Beer Pressure pours cloudy, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel via the oats aded to the mash. Our mission statement is to brew beers for our community's enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy.