Our Beers

1. Doc Watson's Amber Ale - 5.4%, 12 SRM 38 IBU

Earnest brewed an amber ale for Doc's to serve as their beer of the month. The color is a nice amber, there is a smooth bitterness not often expected in this style and even thoughit is not a lager, this beer finishes clean.

2. My Tart Will Go On - Tart Apricot Ale - 7.4%, 6 SRM 12 IBU

The goal was to brew a tart, not sour beer - a beer that delivers a pleasant pucker. 378 pounds of apricot puree was added to this kettle soured beer and at 7.4%, the balance is perfect. Even when the last sip has left your lips, My Tart Will Go On.

3. Easy - Golden Ale - 7.2%, 6 SRM 26 IBU

Your palate will not be challenged with this beer. The hops are light and smooth. Easy to drink, easy to enjoy.

4. JPA - Japanese Pale Ale - 7.2%, 6 SRM 66 IBU

The Japanese version of an IPA. Brewed with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops, with rice added to lighten the body.

5. *NEW BEER* Blueberry Queen - Grape/grain hybrid beer with blueberries - 10%, 5 (blue) SRM 18 IBU

Blending grape juice and malt is one of Earnest's most creative styles. The beer comes off as not a beer and not a wine, it is satisfying. Sauvignon Blanc grape guice and German Pilsen malt were fermented as the base for this beer. Blueberry puree was added and the result is fit for a queen.

6. New Sincerity - West Coast IPA - 6.9%, 9 SRM 61 IBU

West Coast IPAs focus on hops. Citrus and floral hops nose, medium body with a most pleasant taste. Sip after sip, New Sincerity delivers.

7. Tri-State Strawberry Wheat - 5.6%, 5 SRM 23 IBU

The hops are from Michigan, wheat from Indiana, and strawberries from Ohio. The name describes this ber perfectly. The nose comes on with strawberry, while the flavor hits with even more fresh strawberry goodness. The noticeable haze is from the wheat and you may notice a slight hop note.

8. Beer Pressure - Juicy IPA - 6.8%, 4 (cloudy) SRM 48 (juicy) IBU

New Encland style IPA is the hottest beer style and EBW was pressured to brew one. Beer Pressure pours cloudy, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel via the oats aded to the mash. Our mission statement is to brew beers for our community's enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy.

9. Holiday Spicewood - 9.2%, 26 SRM 62 IBU

American Barleywine style ale brewed with copious amounts of spices, coriander, allspice, nutmeg, and crystalized ginger. Just for an extra kick, 100 cinnamon sticks and 5 pounds of toasted oak chips were added. The nose is full of cinnamon, drinks smooth, with a hint of orange and finishes with a slight oakness.

10. Big Oatis - Double Oatmeal Stout - 7.3%, 40 SRM 50 IBU

Double the normal amount of oats gives this beer and incredible smoothness. Make Big Oatis your liquid wing man. He will not let you down.

11. Evil Ernie - Imperial Stout - 11.2%, 45 SRM 88 IBU

Our biggest beer pours dark with and off-white head. The flavor is a rich combination of roasted barley, chocolate, dates, and a hint of black licorice.

12. Fog Delay - Hazy Pale Ale - 5%, 6 SRM 39 IBU

A perfect blend of hops was utilized in this pale ale to bring out the haze and juice. You will certainly enjoy it. After all, we all love a fog delay.

13. *RETURNING SOON* Hello Beer - Hibiscus Beer - 5.7%, 4 SRM 24 IBU

Brewed with hibiscus flowers and a touch of orange.

14. *NEW BEER* Killerney - Irish Red Cream Ale - 5.3%, 14 SRM 27 IBU

This is the beer that made the village of Killerney famous. Red in color, strong body, and low on hops.

15. *LIMITED TIME* Peanut Butter Worker's Porter - 6.1%, 27 SRM 40 IBU

This porter was designed for smooth peanut butter enjoyment. A clean fermenting yeast allows the slight roast from the malt to be detected.